Dining Out: We Tried It: Cannabis-Themed Dinner with Mason Jar Event Group

Mason Jar Event Group provides elevated experiences centered on cannabis

It’s been four years since Colorado voted to legalize marijuana. Since then, the cannabis industry has become the fastest-growing business sector in the state. Now a billion-dollar industry, marijuana has truly become a part of the Colorado lifestyle with dispensaries popping up faster than Starbucks. Slowly but surely, the cannabis industry is shaking its stoner image, as everyone from small business owners to CEOs of major companies are investing and/or partaking. To keep up with such a lucrative industry, 420-friendly events have popped up around the city, from joint and sushi rolling classes to yoga and weed combos. But there’s one that lately got our attention: For a luxurious evening of chef-driven cuisine, music, and of course cannabis, experience a night out with Mason Jar Event Group.

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