“My date looked over at me as we were riding back to Denver and told me it’s her favorite night out since she’s been back in Colorado since late January. I had to agree with her, it was a really wonderful evening."  — Brendan McCormick, Director of Sales, The Clinic Marijuana Center

“Mason Jar Events specializes in crafting unique, high-end events for brands and services in the cannabis industry. Their event concepts, creativity and expertise continue to raise the bar for consumers who want to enjoy the fruits of a true high life experience." — Jane West

"The first event we ever sponsored was Mason Jar Event Group's SUMMER 2016. We were only in one dispensary at the time, but we'd heard great things about Kendal's dinners, and we couldn't wait to get involved. A little less than a year later, we're in more than 80 dispensaries and still working with Mason Jar. Kendal has a wonderful ability to bring together both industry insiders and the general public. As a brand, the support and exposure we've received from Kendal and her team has been tremendous, and we're looking forward to future partnerships."  Missy Bradley, Brand Director, Stillwater Brands